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In an age of over-produced music with no heart, Sinead Burgess is no trend-follower. Paving the way with the few other voices in Nashville and the greater music industry toting raw and honest music, this small town, Australian raised girl is making big waves despite only moving to town one year ago.


That said, she is certainly no stranger to the music industry. ‘Damaged Goods’ is Singer/Songwriter & Multi-instrumentalist Burgess’ first independent release after being with a major label since the age of 16. A collection of real stories of her life, filled with stripped back, tainted yet calmly optimistic tones of a woman who has, frankly, been through some sh*t. Whether it’s the ballsy ‘Momma Raised a Ramblin’ Man’, the classic country /blues inspired track about her being sick of being over looked in guitar stores as ‘just another girl  putting up with the boys guitar shopping’, or the challenging feeling of real love never dying, no matter how long it has been unrequited, as heard in ‘Wildflowers of Colorado’. 

Recorded in 3 days at Parlour Studios in Nashville, TN, Sinead crafted a stunning acoustic record as a one woman band; writing every song and playing the bulk of the instruments. The songs can be described as snapshots of her heart, carving her out in her own,  multi- dimensional genre lane, tapping into Country/ Americana/ and singer- songwriter roots. 

Her brutally honest, whole hearted performances are gaining her much attention both in the US and the UK, proving she is well and truly one to watch... 

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